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Vienna Ball in Tallinn, June 15h, Hilton Hotel Tallinn
Vienna Ball in Tallinn, June 15h, Hilton Hotel Tallinn

Welcome to the enchanting world of a Vienna Ball, a night of elegance and cultural splendor set to unfold on the 15th of June in the exquisite Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel Tallinn Park.

Immerse yourself in a magical evening, as we invite you to join us for a celebration of dance and music culture in a timeless tradition. More than 300 Balls are organized in Vienna every year, and now we bring the grace and magic of these opulent affairs to Tallinn.

Programme highlights

Grand Opening

Witness our young and graceful debutants performing the opening dance in beautiful white dresses. A tradition for every Vienna Ball, it sets the tone for an evening of grandeur and grace

Opera Singer

Thomas Weinhappel took the world by storm! In just a few years, Thomas has made himself a name within the viennese theater and music scene. As a singer and musical performer, he starred in many famous plays and operas by Wagner, Beethoven, Puccini, Johann Strauß and many more. 

Treat yourself to a magical performance and let Thomas’ voice reverberate in your soul at this special night.

The Narva City Symphony Orchestra with Artist Director and Conductor Anatoli Štšura

Live Orchestra

The Narva City Symphony Orchestra with Artist Director and Conductor Anatoli Štšura

The Narva City Symphony Orchestra, formed in November 1994, will delight us with their presence at the Vienna Ball in Tallinn.

Conducted by Anatoli Štšura, the Narva Orchestra is well renowned and takes part in many international projects and toured in Finland, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Belarus and Russia.

At our Vienna Ball, the Orchestra will perform famous Viennese music and will be vocally accompanied by the famous bariton Thomas Weinhappel from Vienna 

Viennese Quadrille

At our Vienna Ball we will perform the famous “Fledermaus-Quadrille”. The quadrille is a dance that consists of a chain of dancers and is usually performed to a medley of operette melodies. The Viennese Quadrille is a special form evolved we will perform together at the Vienna Ball under the guidance of Viennese dance teacher and MC Andrei Valentin Chitu.

The Narva City Symphony Orchestra with Artist Director and Conductor Anatoli Štšura

“Damenspende” Gift

The Narva City Symphony Orchestra with Artist Director and Conductor Anatoli Štšura

The so called “Damenspende” is a traditional gift all female guests receive from the patron of the event, the City of Vienna. This tradition dates back more than 100 years.

Dinner & Buffet

Whether you have booked a seated dinner ticket or a buffet dinner ticket, we will present you with a fine culinary experience at the Vienna Ball. 

Seated Dinner Ticket (190€): You’ll be seated in the Ballroom at our round tables and enjoy an exquisit 3 course meal while experiencing every Minute of the Vienna Ball and musical performances. The seated dinner ticket includes drinks for the duration of the dinner. 

Buffet Dinner Ticket (90€): You have access to the Ballroom and the majestic foyer where we will provide you with a specially curated buffet throughout the evening.

Seated Dinner Menu


White Aspargus w. Parma Ham | Hollandaise sauce | Truffle oil


Beef Filet Mignon | truffle mash potatoes | spinach sautee | red wine jus

Or Vegan option

BARLEY RISOTTO | Wild mushroom | chives


Sachertorte & Berries Sauce

Or Vegan option

Raspberry & Coconut Mousse (VG)

Chocolate Ganache | Peanuts Butter Crumble | Raspberry Coulis

Buffet Menu

Viennese herring salad

Classic potato salad Viennese style

Mini Chicken Schnitzel

Codfish filet with lemon & butter sauce

Cheese Spaetzle | Crispy Onion


Time table

20.00 – Champagne Reception
21.00 – Grand Opening
01.00 – Carriages

Dress Code

Black Tie

Typically a Vienna Ball is a black tie affair requiring a smoking jacket and a bowtie, but you’ll also be very welcome in a black dinner jacket and suit.

Ladies are encouraged to wear a long dress

Floor Plan

Have a look at our planned seating arrangement inside the Hilton Hotel Ballroom


The Vienna Ball at the Hilton Hotel Tallinn Park promises an evening of opulence, sophistication, and the timeless allure of Viennese tradition. Embrace the magic and join us for a night to remember.


If you have any questions about our event, please feel free to contact us via the form below. We will gladly be of service.

Photo credit ESM Event Management

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