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Experience the Magic of Dance and Elegance in Estonia!

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable weekend on the 15th and 16th of June as the Hilton Hotel Tallinn Park transforms into the epicentre of Dance and  Culture with the Amazing Tallinn ProAm Dance Competition and a Night of Elegance at the Vienna Ball.

Amazing Events® takes world class ProAm Dancing and the magic of a Vienna Ball in two spectacular events that promise to captivate and enchant enthusiasts of both dance and refined elegance & culture.
Estonia is getting ready for you!

ProAm Dance Competition

15th of June 2024

Get ready for Amazing Tallinn® as the Hilton Hotel Tallinn Park is hosting a two-day ProAm Dance Festival like no other. Embrace the rhythm and grace as talented dancers from around the globe showcase their expertise in a myriad of dance styles. From thrilling competitions to mesmerizing showcases, the Amazing Tallinn ProAm Dance Competition promises an immersive experience for both participants and spectators alike.

Explore the world of ProAm dancing with Scholarships, Single- and Multi-Dances, Showcases, and Championships!

Vienna Ball – A Night of Elegance

15th of June 2024

Step into a world of glamour and sophistication at the Vienna Ball, an opulent affair that promises an evening of finest Ball-Culture. 
Immerse yourself in the magic of a Gala Concert featuring renowned singers  accompanied by a live orchestra, creating an ambiance of pure enchantment.
The highlight of the evening includes the iconic Viennese quadrille, a group dance so rich in joy and history, and high-quality dance performances that will leave you in awe.

Dance Workshops on Sunday

Unleash your passion, refine your technique, and elevate your dance skills in a vibrant and supportive atmosphere under guidance of our renowned Adjudicators.

Join us the 16th of June and take part in our workshops and classes.

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned dancer, or just want to explore a different style for fun, this is an opportunity to learn, grow, and dance with the best.

    Explore The beautiful North

    Embark on an unforgettable short trip to the enchanting city of Tallinn, where medieval charm meets modern vibrancy. Nestled on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Tallinn beckons with its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, historic architecture, and a lively atmosphere. What makes this journey even more enticing is its proximity to Helsinki, just a ferry ride away, connecting two iconic capitals seamlessly.

    For those with an appetite for even more cultural richness, consider a side trip to Tartu, named the European Capital of Culture in 2024.

    June in this Baltic region is a magical time, with long days that stretch well into the night. Experience the phenomenon of the “white nights,” where the sun barely sets, casting a soft glow over the landscape. Take advantage of the extended daylight hours to explore, relax in outdoor cafes, or simply bask in the unique beauty of the Baltic summer.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to create lasting memories on this short trip, and combine Dancing and Culture in true “Amazing Events” fashion.

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